Well, homecoming was fun. We got to Champaign by 8 am Saturday and strolled the tailgates for a few hours, stopped by The Stoop, spent a solid 6 hours at KAMS, and capped off the night by 8:30 pm with dinner at White Horse. We didn’t even make it out at night! We are getting old. The people living in the stoop are 3 guys and only have the upstairs and were nice enough to let us in. At KAMS our feet stuck to the floor, we drank Blue Guys, and busted a move on the DF. When we looked out at the crowd in the bar we commented how we should know who everyone in the bar is and how taking a lap used to take an hour because you’d run into so many different people on the way. Everyone looked so little!


Great article here describing KAMS glory if you haven’t read it.



This morning we got started bright and early to walk the quad, stop by the Kappa House (those jerks were still sleeping and nobody let us in) and the bookstore to stock up on some Illini gear. Everything is still the same, except for us. The smell of KAMS made me want to barf and while we saw a few people we knew, the definitely goes down every year. Next year we’ll have to organize a sweet tailgate like the mature alumni we are. The weather was beautiful and I’m really glad we went to reminisce and pretend we are back in college. Shout out to Elsa and Joe for making the car ride home entertaining with your competitive nature in playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.




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  1. Beth says:

    Looks great

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